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Irish Network NYC is the leading community of young Irish professionals in New York City

Together From Afar

Comprised of Irish nationals, Irish-Americans and Friends of Ireland across a wide range of professions, our vibrant Network enhances communities in the New York area by facilitating cultural, philanthropic, professional and social impact.


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17 years of experience
Founded 1996, the Irish Network NYC (INNYC) harnesses the energy and talent of the Irish Diaspora by providing a forum where young professionals can connect and contribute to New York’s Irish community.
Always welcome
INNYC welcomes Irish and Irish Americans of all professional backgrounds, and each year we hold a diverse array of events that provide valuable networking and growth opportunities to all of our members.
We are here to support
We proudly support the efforts of Irish associations, businesses and charities, all with the overarching goal of strengthening the cultural and economic relationship between NYC/USA and Ireland.
Let's be friends
We typically meet in Manhattan for after work drinks on the third Thursday of each month, please see our social media for details.

We’re pleased to introduce the 2023 Irish Network NYC Board